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All you need as a streamer

Want alerts and donations via Vipps and PayPal?

Donations on stream, simpler than ever!

GiveTip is an all-Norwegian project, made to make donations on streams easier for you in Norway. You can accept donations via Vipps, Credit Cards, PayPal, etc. Get alerts on Twitch, Youtube and other platforms via StreamElements and StreamLabs.



Donations via Vipps, PayPal and other providers.


Do you have a sole proprietorship or AS? Do as several others do! Accept Vipps donations on your stream!


  • Alerts on stream
  • Integration with Streamlabs
  • Integration with StreamElements


Get donation alerts on your Twitch-stream.


All overlays and data is safely backed up to the cloud!

Coming soon

Improved alerts

Full Twitch-integration with alerts for subscriptions, gifts, bits, raids and more!

Custom overlays

Customize your overlays with custom images, videos and sounds! If you would like, you can even use custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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